Welcome to Golden Daydreams!

What is Golden Daydreams?
Golden Daydreams is a collection of fiction of varying lengths set primarily in the speculative fiction genres.

Speculative fiction?
Speculative fiction is a catch-all term for the more fantastical genres of fiction, such as sci-fi, high fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, and the like. Golden Daydreams dabbles in most of the specific genres under that umbrella in some manner or another, though there is a stronger emphasis on the urban fantasy and sci-fi the other elements for the moment.

And who authors all this?
John Kastronis. You can find out more about me on the about page.

How often is the site updated?
The site is currently updated sporadically, whenever I have the time to write. The original plan was to update weekly, and I maintained that schedule for about a year, but work constraints kept me from continuing it further.

Is there anything else to this site besides fiction?
Currently, just the blog, which should contain mostly book reviews, announcements of new stories, and some musings on the art of writing.