Other Fiction

 Other places to find good fiction
 •Solitary Pilot - The in-character journal of Sakaane Eionell, an EVE pilot.

My Favorite Authors

 The websites of the authors I love
 •Neil Gaiman - Author of American Gods, Neverwhere, Coraline, Sandman, and others.
 •George R. R. Martin - Author of A Song of Ice and Fire series.
 •Neal Stephenson - Author of Snowcrash, Diamond Age, and many others.


 My favorite webcomics.
 •MSPaint Adventures - Four kids play a video game that brings about the end of the world.
 •Dr. McNinja - A doctor who is also a ninja.
 •Romantically Apocalyptic - A post apocalyptic world where those who remain are all a bit batshit insane.
 •Oglaf - Dirty yet hilarious comics.
 •Erfworld - What happens when a wargamer is transported to a world that functions just like one of his games.