In the far future, mankind has expanded throughout the nearby systems of the Milky Way and overpopulation has led to widespread tensions. When a wormhole to another galaxy full of habitable planets is discovered, it is hailed as a New Eden of mankind. Colonists pour through and rapidly begin settling the new world. But tragedy strikes when the wormhole collapses, sending a massive shockwave through the cluster and cutting off the colonists from much-needed supplies on the other side.

Many of the colonies die out. Those who manage to cling to life slowly lose their technology and knowledge. Humanity in New Eden enters a new dark age and more and more of the colonies slowly collapse.

Five empires slowly manage to rise from the ashes. The Jove are the first; an enigmatic race who has spent centuries modifying their own genetic code to extend their own life spans, engineer out negative emotions, and become more perfect beings. But the modifications have a price, as the Jove come to suffer from a deadly genetic disease that eventually causes them to die. Slowly, they are dying off, despite their hyperadvanced technology.

Next comes the Amarr Empire. A theocracy headed by an all-powerful emperor, the Amarr believe they were chosen by God to reclaim the galaxy and lead humanity into a new utopia. They enslave all who do not willingly submit and crush all divergent belief. The royalty sits on top of the nobility, which stomps down on the slaves and the commoners. But despite the ugliness, the Amarr have created works of great kindness, amazing beauty, and profound piety.

One of the races enslaved by the Amarr, the Minmatar, managed to rebel and founded their own Minmatar Republic. Divided by old tribal mistrust and driven by a hatred of the Amarr, the Minmatar are violent but spiritual. They are the ultimate underdogs, looked down upon by the other races in New Eden while refusing to go quietly in the night.

The Gallente Federation is the only true democracy in New Eden. Hedonistic and haughty, but ultimately free and just, the Gallente are true cultural imperialists. They encourage equality and freedom for everyone, but also subsume and crush other ideas through the sheer weight of their way of life.

Once a part of the Federation, the Caldari seceded centuries before to found their own Caldari State. Controlled by eight huge megacorporations, the Caldari are loyal and disciplined. They had to fight tooth and nail to escape the Federation, which has left them mistrustful of foreigners and deeply cold and forgetful of their past cultural heights. Aside from the Jove, however, they are the most advanced of the empires.

As these empires teeter precariously on the brink of all-out war, a new class of independent ship pilots rises to power. These pilots make the ship itself their body through interfacing with a hydrostatic capsule. Thanks to the capsule and the miracle of cloning, they are functionally immortal. The empires are slowly losing control of them as they forge their own empires deep in the unclaimed reaches of space where they wage an unending war on each other. They are seen as demi-gods, terrorists, heroes, and villains.

Based on the award-winning MMO EVE Online, found here: http://www.eveonline.com