Magic Earth

Magic Earth is our world, but with a bit of a twist. All the fairytales, all the old legends and folklore, they're all real. Ghosts and goblins really exist, vampires actually stalk the night, and elves prance around in forests. Or at least they used to. But during the height of the Roaring 20s, a gang of men savagely beat a short Irishman within an inch of his life. The men are captured and tried for their crime, but their lawyer is a shifty one. He claims his clients believed the man was a leprechaun and that by capturing him, he'd have to give them his pot of gold. Such a belief is clearly delusional, thus they're innocent by reason of insanity. The jury doesn't buy it. On appeal, the judge writes a historic decision, saying that any man, be he leprechaun or otherwise, had the same rights to life, liberty, and property. Soon after, real leprechauns begin showing up in America. Other magical creatures follow; fairies, kobolds, trolls, banshees... Soon, the United States becomes a haven for a myriad of creatures of folklore who want to escape the persecution they faced in their homes. Over time, they get involved in all levels of society. Soon they become commonplace. And civilization marches forward.