Long ago the world sat in balance. The many races of the world were one and lived a life of peace and prosperity. But one day, the great Creator appeared to them and told the people to abandon their leaders and worship Him above all others. The Creator made no other demands of the people but their loyalty and promised them immortality, freedom from all hardship or sickness, and many other boons. Yet the leaders of the world loathed giving up their power. They raised a great weapon into the sky and tried to destroy the Creator.

The Creator vanished and knocked the world off center. Half the world was bathed in the perpetual light of a new sun and was called the daylands. The other half was bathed in eternal darkness and was named the darklands. In between were the dusk and dawnlands, each sometimes in the dark and sometimes in the light.

Tyrus has many ages. In the False Age, the peoples of the world struggled to rebuild and worshiped false creatures as gods. They formed kingdoms and empires and waged war against each other. Magic was known, but only weakly. This is the age of Cacame Awemedinade, the Immortal Onslaught, an elf who wished the destruction of his own kind.

In the Warring Age, the two gods created from the sundering of the Creator reveal themselves. Optierus, the Orb and the Light, controls the daylands. Galvetrus, the Disc and the Darkness, controls the darklands. They compete for the loyalty of an ancient, unearthed war machine who eventually wages war across Tyrus to conquer it for them all. Magic is rare but powerful, wielded by wizards and priests as dark monsters roam the world. This is the age of the Dark General, Navrip, the war machine who wished to conquer the world.

In the Calm Age, the many wars of the previous age have sputtered. Instead, the remaining nations settle into an uneasy peace. They begin to slowly spread back across Tyrus, into unclaimed wilds and frontiers. Magic is everywhere, but only the most learned sages can create it from scratch. Wandering wizards, known as spellslingers, travel the frontier as outlaws and lawmen. This is the age of Tris, a wandering spellslinger and bounty hunter.