Home Base Comics

In 2009, people with strange super powers began cropping up across the globe. A company named AoD Corp agreed to study a group of 5 of these individuals. Over the next several years, more and more superhumans emerged. Some used their powers for the betterment of mankind. Many more used their powers for evil. In the middle, AoD Corp led the charge, with their CEO Yoshito Sanders taking the charge. But AoD Corp doesn't act purely out of altruism. They've managed to parley their early interest in the heroes into a huge, multi-billion dollar industry and not everyone appreciates that.

But in the shadows lurks a powerful organization. Known only by the code name Home Base, the members hide their identities under a variety of masks and name themselves after the elements on the periodic table. Their true motivation isn't fully known; is it simple money, power, or even world domination? And do they consider AoD Corp an enemy or a potential ally?

Based off the defunct webcomic Home Base Comics, archives here: http://www.goldendaydreams.com/homebasearchive/