A Road Called Life

A man sets out

on a journey

on the road called life.

He walks the road

with purpose

and confidence.

After many days

he comes to a crossroads

and stops and looks.

To his left is Fame

and to his right

the road continues.

He turns left and

walks toward Fame

but there is a canyon in the way.

He looks up and down

for a bridge to cross

but finds nothing.

He turns away

and returns to the

road called life.

He walks on and on

steps broad and firm

until he reaches another crossroads.

There to the left

is the path to Riches

so he takes it.

But as before

he cannot reach the end

as a dragon blocks him.

He tries to evade

but the dragon is relentless

so he return to the road.

Much time has passed

on the road called life

and the man is growing weary.

His legs grow tired

and his steps grow smaller

but on and on he goes.

Once more crossroads;

to the left, Success

and he thinks this time it shall be good.

This path is clear

and he reaches a village

and he finds a house already made for him.

He settles in

and all seems good

but soon a fire destroys the house.

There is no other home

so he must leave Success

and return to the road called life.

He walks ever on,

his feet dragging,

his back slouched.

The next crossroads

proclaim Contentment

and he decides to test his luck.

For though Contentment

is not Fame or Riches or Success

it is at least a destination.

But that path too

is impassable

by a raging river.

He tries to swim it

but he is swept away

and only barely escapes with his life.

He trudges on

down the road called life

and wonders if there is an end.

Another crossroads

this time to Love;

dare he take it?

He turns down the path

and comes to a great wall

which has no door.

He starts to turn

but a voice calls out to him

beckoning him to climb the wall.

The wall is a mile high

could he ever reach the top

without slipping and falling to his death?

But he tries regardless

and though he slips

he keeps trying.

The voice urges him

and he keeps climbing

though it is so slow and hard.

Finally he prevails

and finds a ladder down

on the other side.

But the voice has left;

he searches and searches

but cannot find it again.

So he climbs back over

and returns to the road called life

to walk further.

He hobbles forward

to a crossroads

with a branch called Despair.

Down that path

it is an easy road

with no obstacles at all.

But the man passes

and walks further on

the road called life.

Though he hobbles

and his spirit is weak

he presses on until he can find Happiness.

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