Religious Tract: The Order of St. Tetrimon

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Kara and her younger brother left the sermon with tears still in her eyes. The topic of the sermon, emblazoned upon the church’s marquee, was “The Tragedy of Emperor Doriam: Looking Back on the Loss of Our Blessed Leader”. During the sermon, the priest had extolled the virtues of Doriam and all he had done. Some parishioners broke into tears at the memory of his loss, and when the priest had ordered everyone to weep for Doriam’s passing, Kara cried as well.

“I’m going to talk to the priest,” her brother said. “I’ll be right back, alright?” Kara nodded and leaned against a pillar. Her brother walked off and an old man, dressed in robes walked up to her.

“Young lady, why are there tears in your eyes?” the man asked.

“Who are you?” Kara asked, somewhat suspiciously.

“You need not worry,” the old man said, with a friendly smile on his face. He sat down on a nearby bench and sighed. “I am a priest, young lady.”

Kara’s expression softened back at him. “Ok then. I was crying because the priest said we should.”

“And why did the priest tell you to cry?” the priest asked.

“He was talking about the death of Emperor Doriam II. It was appropriate for the tragic loss of the great man,” Kara said, repeating the words the priest had used earlier.

The priest frowned. “And you are sad because of this?”

“I guess so,” Kara said with a shrug.

“Young lady, let me tell you a story,” the priest said. “There was once an Emperor who took power. He began to change the ways of the Empire, tossing aside our long held values. He was turning the Amarr Empire into a shell of its former self, a mockery. It was a dark time for the Empire and it looked as if it were only going to become darker. Many people disapproved of the changes, but the man was the Emperor. Who were the people to challenge and question him?

“But there was someone who did not approve of the Emperor’s ways. And that someone was our LORD, GOD. For the Emperor was perverting GOD’s teachings and, worst of all, claiming his actions in the name of GOD. GOD worked through the hands of man and brought about the death of this Mad Emperor.” The priest sighed again and looked sternly at Kara. “Do you know who this Mad Emperor was, young lady?”

Kara nodded her head, she had heard of the Mad Emperor before, his name a curse to proper Amarrians. His name was not spoken of in proper Amarrian education, but Kara had wanted to learn the mistakes of the past and had studied when no one was looking. “I do,” she said.

“He may not be who you think,” the priest said. “The Mad Emperor I am talking about was Doriam II. He freed unenlightened slaves to become more popular with the Empire’s enemies and rejected the Scriptures. He covered up the heresy of his son and did nothing to advance the praise of GOD. He supplicated to the vile minions of Sansha! But now, the people cry for Doriam’s death and still mourn his passing, years later. And do you know why this is?”

“No,” Kara said, listening intently and thoughtfully.

“It is because, centuries ago, before you or I or your parents or Doriam were born, another Emperor seized power. In those times, there was a COUNCIL OF APOSTLES that ruled the Empire, and the Emperor was only first among equals. The Apostles were many men who consorted to discuss religion and the shape of the Empire, for while a single man like the Emperor can be flawed (and do not think the Emperor is more than a man, for that is all he is), a group of them are as near to flawless as can be outside of GOD Himself. But that Emperor, too, flaunted his powers and disposed of the COUNCIL OF APOSTLES and set himself as the highest lord of the Amarr, in an attempt to put himself as an equal with GOD!

“In doing so, this Emperor broke traditions and banished many pious and righteous men. And in the centuries since, the Empire has begun a slow decline in power. In days of old, the Minmatar would have never rebelled and the Jove would have never defeated us. But now, thanks to the so-called Moral Reforms and the weakness of Doriam and Heideran, the Empire is weak and mocked by its enemies.”

“And who are you?” Kara asked. “That knows all of this?”

The priest smiled. “I am a mere priest of the ORDER OF ST. TETRIMON. We are the safe keepers of the Holiest of Scriptures, the protectors of the True Faith, and the Moral Right of the Empire. We were among those banished when the Emperor proclaimed himself as the singular chosen of GOD, because that Emperor could not bear see true holy men walk among the Empire and remind the people of the True Faith.”

“Then what are you doing here, now?”

“The ORDER OF ST. TETRIMON was granted the right to return to the Empire, due to GOD’s grace. We did our great work despite the objection of the Emperor and our great work finally convinced him to let us return to the Empire! And we constantly work to find Amarrians, like you, who do not blindly accept the word of the Emperor as the Word of GOD. We work to return the Amarr Empire to its state of grace and power it held centuries ago, before the Moral Reforms weakened us, and restore power to the COUNCIL OF APOSTLES. We work with our close allies like the Aegis Militia to ensure that the future contains a galaxy of morals and right, safe for all our children, as the enemies of the Empire have been RECLAIMED, as GOD ordered the Empire to do thousands of years ago.”

Kara nodded in understanding and said, “I understand. The Emperor is just a man, like anyone else. He is a wise man, but he is not infallible. And because Doriam was fallible and went against GOD’s will, he was killed.” Just then, Kara’s brother returned.

“Kara,” her brother said, “who are you talking to?”

Kara looked up and noticed the priest had left. “No one, brother,” she said, as they began to walk off. “Say... Have you ever heard of the Order of St. Tetrimon?”

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