Water Angels

When all worlds touched, angels from the sky visited our ancestors. The angels brought food and water and provided for all. We did the work of the angels on the ground, away from the Heavens. “We will be back,” the angels told us, “and when we come we will bring the purest water and a bounty of meat and fruits to sate your hunger.”

Then the angels lost their way. No longer would they bring us water. Rather than offer our prayers to guide the angels back, we turned on one another and fought over what was left of their bounties. When the last scraps of their gifts were gone and we had nothing left, we spread out into the deserts and steppes and tundras. We scattered.

Some found great fountains, reservoirs of water that flowed for eternity, bringing life from the ground. Rather than share the water with all, it was hoarded and jealously guarded for the sake of the few. Brothers and sisters were left to be parched in the Sun, while soldiers were rewarded with water in exchange for blood. “Go, bring us wealth and maybe then you can have some water!” these water barons ordered.

Bring them wealth we did; metal and weapons from the ancient ruins, or pretty gems from the mountains, or animal hides and tools. They barely gave us enough water to survive, then demanded more and more in return. These men grew fat and plentiful off our toiling, yet never gave up their stranglehold on the water.

Many flocked to the barons. Their power stretched far and wide, yet they still did not share the water. A man dying of thirst would not get so much as a pure droplet from the barons, who would soak their fat bodies in the water and laugh at the plight of their subjects! And yet these subjects would placate themselves before the water barons, for but for a sip.

Yet there were those who did not subjugate themselves to the barons. Our ancestors thus lived for centuries, wandering between seasonal water holes, chasing the ragged packs of game so we could sit huddled together in the dry months, thirsty and hungry. Bearing not only the burden of the searing Sun, but that of the water barons. So we lived to this day!

And then, one day, from the sky came golden caravans driven by men like we had never seen before. They gleamed like the Sun; their weapons scorched like the Sun. And they brought water. Much as we are the descendants of the laborers, these men were descendants of the angels! Long lost in the Heavens, they had finally found their way to us! They offered water to any who wished it; as much as a man could drink. In return, we must merely give praise to their Lord, God and serve Him as they serve Him.

The water barons, they claimed, “These Amarr, they are just people like you and I! Why should we trust them now? We should turn our swords on them and drive them off!” But the barons, they cared not for our well being! They cared only for their own opulence! The children of angels were a threat to their monopoly on water and wealth!

For their disobedience, the children of angels incinerated the barons and their armies! Now, they offer us the same choice! Our servitude and obedience in exchange for water and food! Yet, some of you, those I have spoken with numerous times before, all complaining about the greed of the water barons, wish to repeat their mistakes!

We served the harsh Sun, toiling and dying beneath its flame, with nothing as our reward. We served the water barons, waning and begging beneath their boots, with scraps as our reward. Now we are offered a chance to serve the angels, with food, water, and an eternity after death in Paradise with their God as our reward.

Who would turn down the angels? Who does not wish to be led from the desert into the Heavens with these angels? Those may be scorched as the water barons were. I will laugh as I drink from the angels’ fountain.

— Bedir Homur, future saint, to the assembly of Ni-Kunni leaders, circa 22340 AD

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