The Indecency of Dual Podding!

To: Theology Council, Sin and Vice committee
From: Priest Bashir, Gallente Federation missionary
Subject: URGENT: The latest Gallente source of indecency

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

I am writing to tell you of the latest bit of indecency in the Gallente Federation. Long the home of vice and sinful ways, we have succeeded in keeping most of their corrupting influences from spreading to the Empire at large. Lately, however, a new activity is sweeping the Federation and I fear that without swift action, it might make its way to corrupt our youth and citizens.

I speak of an act called “dual podding”. Originally, the act was a matter of convenience, originating in the Minmatar Republic, designed to allow two people to fit into a capsule at the same time. In times of need, when a capsule was damaged but not destroyed and a pod pilot was stranded, the Minmatar managed to hook a second person into a capsule’s neural burner and life support systems.

Somehow, news of the practice came to the Gallente, who naturally corrupted it for their own vices. Unscrupulous businesses began building capsules with enough hookups for two people. The other day, I came across an advertisement for “dual podding” sessions with these specially built capsules. Normally, I would not have given it a second look, but the advertisement was filled with pictures of half naked women and men! I had to investigate.

Upon entering the place, I quickly found out that it was a den of flesh. Exotic dancers writhed and gyrated indecently on tables and platforms and in cages. People canoodled openly, sometimes three or four of them at a time! I had to swallow my revulsion, however, and press on to do the work of God.

I spoke with one of the “entertainers” as she writhed about in my lap. She told me that “dual podding” was expensive, but all the rage among those with capsule implants. I was appalled to learn that two people, often NAKED, were hooked into the capsule and fed into a simulated ship. The two would then engage in acts that I am loathe to repeat here, as they would surely give the good Brothers and Sisters of the committee palpitations from the sheer lewdness of language I would need to use.

The woman told me that, thanks to the capsule interface, the sensations of the act were “much stronger” and that it felt like, pardon the language, “fucking yourself and your partner at the same time”. I was suitably appalled by this information. Unfortunately, I needed to test out this “dual podding” for myself, just to see what sort of decadency was brought about by this.

The peddlers of this smut brought me a lovely Gallente woman with full capsule implants. I asked her why she would be doing this, rather than being a upstanding and pure capsuleer. “Better money in this,” is what she told me. Shameful!

They stripped me of my clothes and plugged me into the capsule, where I was quickly joined by the Gallente woman, who was as bare as the day she was born. I was so shocked that I could not even avert my eyes as was proper! The capsule was quite cramped, as they were not naturally designed for two people at once. As such, the two of us were forced into close proximity of each other. I can only assume that this is done purposefully.

Once we were both hooked in and the capsule filled with fluid, they activated the ship simulation. Imagine my horror when I realized they were using the majestic Armageddon, virtual though it was, as the instrument of purveying their sin! The Gallente woman proceeded to perform several carnal acts on me. And yes, the sensations were enhanced in a incredibly indecent way! She could feel it herself every time she touched me, and I could feel it myself whenever I touched her. We were inside the capsule for a good three hours before the “session” was completed. Once we exited the capsule, she led me to the showers, where she proceeded to assist me in cleaning the capsule fluid off.

Ashamed as I was following such sinful acts, I knew I had sacrificed for the moral safety of the Empire. The Gallente woman left to service other customers, but not before informing me that I had earned “frequent podder points” that could be redeemed for dances or other, more indecent services. Not wanting to have such a thing on my conscience, I turned the points in immediately.

I spent the remainder of the day and evening performing penance. I only pray that my sacrifices are not for naught and this sinful act does not spread to the Empire. I recommend that the committee immediately condemn the act of “dual podding” and all acts of using the capsule for carnal pleasures. I suggest that measures be put in place to ensure that capsules modified for this act are kept out of the Empire, lest people be tempted by vice. The sooner we stamp out this practice at home, the sooner we can make sure none of our people are corrupted by it.

On a final note, I have attached the receipt for the “dual podding” session to the letter. I needed to draw from my personal funds to pay for it, as I did not want to reveal that I was a priest doing research. I realize it says I paid for three separate one-hour sessions, but that is what a “typical” session involves, and I was not informed it would be counted as three separate charges. I assure you, had I realized I could have ended the “session” at an hour without being seen as suspicious, I would have.

In God’s Name, Most Humbly Your Servant,
Priest Yamith Bashir

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