All the thanks in the world to my dear Nicole. You are my muse and my inspiration.

Special thanks to my best friend Shai, for helping me code this website and get it all up and running. Without you, the site would look like something straight out of the early 90s. Thanks also to my friend Tina, for always encouraging my writing and introducing me to a few writers I wouldn't have read otherwise. Thanks to Richie, the editor of E-ON Magazine, for publishing several of my stories and letting me see that there are others who think my writing is good. Thanks also to the man known as Istvaan Shogaatsu for sending my stuff to Richie in the first place.

Thanks to Neil Gaiman, for showing me that fantasy writing didn't automatically mean elves and dwarves and magic spells. Thanks also to him for helping (along with another friend who I only know by his EVE Online character, Nautarch) to introduce me to the writing of Gene Wolfe. Thanks to Gene Wolfe for being amazing and making me completely rethink how I approached writing in general. Without these two as influences, I bet I'd still be writing bad rip-offs of the Lord of the Rings.

And finally, the biggest thanks to my mom and dad, for instilling a love of reading and fantasy in me at an early age. They deserve extra thanks for always encouraging me to write and explore my imagination. They never once tried to stifle my creativity and if they ever worried about their weird kid, they never said anything to me about it.